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Commercial Marine

Cox Diesel Outboards

The world's first 300 hp diesel outboard.
As the first of its kind, as the most powerful diesel outboard brought to the market, the CXO300 has been developed to be compatible with existing industry standards – making it as easy to install on a wide range of vessels as any gasoline outboard.

The CXO300 diesel outboard engine truly breaks new ground, delivering the same uncompromising power, performance, and durability you'd normally only associate with a diesel inboard engine. At the same time, it offers all the convenience and flexibility of an outboard and is similar in size and weight to gasoline alternatives, as well as more efficient. Which means it is designed to be compliant with the toughest emissions standards in the world including IMO, EPA and EU emissions levels.

Inboard Performance From An Outboard Diesel Engine
Based on a 4-stroke V8 architecture, the CXO300 is the world's first 300hp diesel outboard engine ever to come to the marine market. The CXO300 has been designed and developed in-house from the ground up for professional maritime use. With the power and torque of a diesel inboard and the advantages of an outboard, the CXO300 is diesel power redefined.


Weight (lb)
300 hp
838 lb
Recreational / Commercial
US Tier 3



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