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Scania Marine
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There's a Scania marine engine for every job. Whichever you choose, you take on board solutions that are developed for heavy duty operations, delivering impressive power, immediate response and the feeling of absolute trust and reliability.

The fact that every Scania engine model is built from identical basic components means unique flexibility and cost-efficiency when design-ing, building and servicing vessels. Furthermore, the modular system contributes to higher parts availability, minimum waste and simplified training of staff. If you know one Scania engine, you know them all.

At Scania, we embrace every effort to reduce the effects on the climate and the environment. This is why emission control goes hand in hand with reduced fuel consumption without compromising power output and torque. Whichever specification you choose, you can rest assured that every cubic millimetre of fuel is taken care of in the cleanest and most economical way possible. A vital part of the system is the Scania PDE fuel injection that makes continuous, precise adjustments to ensure optimal fuel delivery in all conditions. The result: optimized fuel economy and massive power output, coupled with extreme reliability and low emissions.

The Scania saver ring is a good example of our in-house developed technologies. Fitted inside the cylinder, it removes soot and other residue from the upper part of the piston. Another feature is the Scania centrifugal oil cleaner which is a proven and extremely dependable solution for making oil filtration more effective. Last but not least is the Scania oil, which is developed and tested for heavy duty opera-tion. These are some examples of how Scania design features reduces wear and extends engine life, thus contributing to Scania's renowned dependability and operating economy.

A Scania engine is compact and impressively streamlined by default, which makes it ideal to build into any vessel. And since the engine "footprint" is practically identical compared to the earlier Scania engine generation, life is simplified both when designing new boats and when repowering. For every engine model – 9-, 13- or 16-litre – there is a complete line-up of power ratings to choose from.

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